Victory In The Body

Poetry by T. A. Awo Twumwaah Acheampong

i look at it – a reflection
of all i run from
i jump, the symphony starts:
how the bones sing
the heart beat is surreal. i land on nothingness
it can make you float they say
it can take you high they say
i want joy on my feet,
in the standing
and may it be a Hallelujah
like the sweat burns the eyes

what does it mean to want yourself
and yet not call it sin?

“thirty seconds mountain climber”
she reminds me, this robot.



As our bodies are hurdled
The automobile a painless leg
we go to gather bread

we are not cattle. Praise God
we are not cattle
we know the pain

we feel it
and a mercy finds us in wind
the men stare out their windows

i sit still for air
what is work – we breathe our wonder –
if alone for daily bread?

T. Afua Twumwaah Acheampong lives in Accra, Ghana. She works in the accounting field, is a writer and has keen interest in the performing arts, currently with a company called BIGstep. Find her on twitter @awotwumwaah and instagram @awo_twumwaah

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