Tampered press started out as a conversation on creating more platform and visibility for writers and visual artists in Ghana and Africa. While blackness has become more noticeable now than in the past, and more space is gradually being created at the table, black as an identity is heavily nuanced and has to be dissected and carefully documented.

African artists in particular have fewer platforms. Our experiences, mannerisms and culture often have similarities, but our style, design, creation and content are different. We’d also all like to get better at what we do, and the most efficient way to do that is to crawl out of our many separate bunkers, stop giving each other suspicious looks, and share our best ideas, tools, and practices.

The goal is to publish the work of emerging and practicing writers and visual artists, with a bias for Ghana, and Africa. Content will primarily be the work of artists, but will also include profiling artists, critiquing their work, initiating collaboration across disciplines and critical discourse surrounding contemporary art and culture.