Fiction by Fui Can Tamakloe

Every time them catch thief for Osu, Danny no dey mong of the people wey dey beat am. If e dey there as them catch am, e just go lef. If e see sey I dey beat the thief some, e go come pull me make we lef. Danny no dey like beat thief. This be something I no dey understand sekof Danny dey love fight. E no be some of them boys wey get gym strength. Danny ein own them take born am. As we dey Salem Primary then Danny be the only student e fit take Monsieur Avudjivi ein lashes wey e no go mov one sef. More people dey talk sey as e be kiddie ein mommee bof am plus herbs. E no fit be ein poppee sekof that man go sea wey e no come back.

Some time I ask Danny why sey e no dey make we all beat thief as we catch am. He watch my face small tell me sey thief be the one wey dem catch. We all dey steal. Oko dey steal. Thunder dey steal. Memuna sef if she come bed wona room we dey hide everything from phone charger to jot. Thief be the one wey them catch.

The day them almost catch Danny then I dey there. Me, Oko then Thunder dey the cemetery inside dey smoke heavy wey we see sey Danny jump the wall. First we figure sey ebi koti so Oko swallow the wee make e burn ein tongue sef. But as e come close we rec sey ebi Danny. Your man dey sweat.

Wassop? We ask am wey e start laugh. Some people dey chase am. E go buy for provision store wey e do like sey e pay already. That thing me then Thunder we get luck for am waa. If you target store wey make busy them fit forget dema body give you balance as you no pay sef. You just for hold the money as if you dey come pay, then you go pocket am as them no dey watch. E no be something wey them for catch you.

Oko start dey cough wey we kai sey e swallow the wee. Thunder dey diss am wey we dey laugh. We dey laugh nor all we hear be kpa! Gunshot. Come see speed. Danny already get

fire for ein system so ebe ein dey lead. Thunder dey my front wey me too I dey Oko ein front. We dey run like the people dem dey jump jump bench for Olympics. Only sey ebi graves we dey jump. We hear another kpa! wey Oko fall down dey shout. We no turn watch am sef. Every man for himself. For back I hear as somebody shout AmΙ” lΙ›!

Them catch am.

Oh Oko. I sure sey like we no dey smoke ebi ein go dey lead. We see sey nobody dey follow we again wey Thunder, Danny then me turn dey watch. Plenty people gather for the place where then we dey smoke for. All of them dey hold sticks wey some dey hold torchlight. Them nab Oko. Ebi there wey I understand Danny. For here, them no dey ask you what you steal sef. If them catch you that be all. You die be that.

What dey pain be sey them all dey steal for some side too. The fitters wey dey mong dey steal from dema shop masters. If you no kai the kenkey seller sey your change dey ein there, you lose be that. Everybody dey steal.

Thief just be the one wey them catch.

Aside writing short stories and poetry, Fui Can-Tamakloe enjoys a
number of things which include teaching Literature part time, running
his mouth on Twitter, and a cold beer at questionable times of the day.

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