Poetry by Joshua Idowu Omidire

thirsty man fills his cartridges

with roses. it takes a blood spring to

quench a morbid thirst. lives fall like withered

petals in the face of shattering shots. that’s how bloodless

gods defend their territories. cartographer is busy drawing

lines across the lands. the stripes course

through the continents of our minds. this is Gaza. that is

West Bank. Israel is

somewhere in the mix. lords of misery sit

on edges of tiny doors between the streaks

that run through our days like hot

knife running through innocent butter. and play cards of

race, tribe, religion, and nationalism and

wealth. I can’t remember any

of those when hunger summersaults on the pitch of my

tummy. I’m a simple man praying for daily

bread. there is Gaza in my country too. and West Bank. and

Syria. and flames ever rising. and buildings ever crumbling. and

children ever running. and women ever crying. and

metal men ever shooting us fatal love from their

benevolent cannons. I don’t blame my feet hurrying

me across the Sahara; from Agadez to al-Qatron.

you won’t mind when you see feet and skulls sticking

out of the sands; my country too does

not know how to bury its dead. when home is caldron,

you leave it before it melts you.



Joshua Idowu Omidire is a vibrant poet, editor, blogger, and social media strategist. His poems have appeared in Footmarks, Our Legacy of Madness, The Sky is our Earth: An- thology of 50 young Nigerian Poets. He was the winner of Professor Eruvbetine’s Poetry Prize. He also won Professor Hope Eghagha’s Drama Prize in 2012. He has been published in Pulse, Ynaija, Praxis, Literary Horizon: An International Peer-Reviewed English Journal, etc. He reports for The Journal Nigeria.

He loves reading hard books, listening to music, and scooping inspiration from the stream of mundane activities. He enjoys playing with street photography, graphic designing, and photo editing.