Poetry by Henrietta Enam Quarshie


In these parts,
with dry winds and relentless sunshine.
Where bare feet slap red earth
where hearts are full and smiles aplenty,
we will welcome you.

We will bend low in homage by the earthen pot.
We will fill the calabash.
We will get you cool water.
We will work to quench your thirst.

We will wait on you.
Our lips stretched out in pleasure,
as yours meet the calabash.

As seasons evolve,
you will find that our amedzro tsi does not taste the same;
Once the period of welcoming is past.

Do not overstay your welcome.
If you must, then earn your place.


Henrietta is a medical doctor who comes from, lives and works in Ghana, Volta Region, Ho.  She has been a contributing writer to earlier Tampered issues; Wuna own distin, Movement and Curiosity. She has published works in Icefloe Press, Kalahari Review Magazine African Global Networks, Praxis Magazine and in the anthologies “To grow in two bodies” and “The big yellow post”.