In the very short history of our existence, this is the first time submissions were called for within the context of a theme. Writers and artists were encouraged to create on the theme of Movement. To interpret it in whichever way they saw fit – whether in the context of politics, or transport, routines or the progression of a dying relationship. In whichever genre – poetry, fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, photo essays or comics.

I’m excited about this fourth issue because there is growth. This issue introduces a first – a first publication of a short story in a Ghanaian language. Written so beautifully by Amma Konadu Anarfi, with so much poetry and metaphor and language, it fills your mouth and imagination.

Trapped in a man’s veil by Sel Kofiga is a moving piece of work – the images are dedicated in showing the poignancy of its subject(s).

S Asamoah’s poem One in the neck, two in the chest tinkers with a country’s conscience. What precisely does Ghana and her people do after the death of Ahmed Suale?

There is a lot of good poetry in this issue. The hope is to get a great inflow of non-fiction and experimental fiction in the next issue to tip the balance

Thank you to our small hardworking team for all the work you do. Thank you to all the writers, poets and artists for choosing Tampered.

And thank you new and old readers, we hope you pass this along to someone new.

Ama Asantewa Diaka
Editor. Creative Director