Poetry by Sedem Appleh

He can be a bully sometimes
How he’s able to overwork and overwhelm me with my own thoughts
And wonder if this very path can create for me the life that I imagined


Uncertainty. Unpredictability. Uneasiness
Three fine words that summarizes the way he makes me feel
It’s exciting but for the most part, daunting


What are the chapters of his book made up of?
My imagination can only run wild


What becomes of these moments?
This very instant as I write these
At 4:44am


Will Amelia’s waakye still be hot and spicy?
Will she still be in that her small corner
7:00am sharp, waakye is ready


Will I lean in to wonder and curiousity
Learning each day as I go
And having faith that tomorrow won’t be a disappointment


Or will I cower to fear
Paralysed by its potent venom
Uncreative. Stagnant. Stressed.


The future can be a bully sometimes.
And yet, I find myself wondering
How the journey from here to there will be
You wonder too, don’t you?

Appleh Sedem is a final year Doctor of Pharmacy student, KNUST