Poetry by Sena Cobblah

Learnt how mice hide in gutters and the woodworks of high ceilings
Trained my muscles for agility
Like a sprite

I know how to mask
Draw on a smile and color my nose
Pull handkerchiefs from my chest
Just to see you smile

You cannot find me
In the way I dance this ulcer away
And tippy tap on the gnawing in my bones

Look closely
Do you see me
Standing there smiling
I’m the shade of the sky
Between the lilies and the canapés
Look till I fade

Between the Agama lizard and the leaf of the sunflower
As I waltz into another death
I dance on my dead body

Sena Cobblah is a Ghanaian writer and customer experience enthusiast. Partial to poetry, her work has been in Anthologies for Tampered Press,Independent publishers like Jay Kophy, Kalahari review and an anthology of short stories set at the center of Accra for the Ama Ataa Aidoo Center for Creative Writing. She practices being anything else but a being writer on @sena_cobblah ontwitter and Instagram.