Poetry by Fui Can Tamakloe


I was asked why there are more men in the bar

than in the church.

both are refuges for men who have come

to hide from trouble.

one opens once a week,

the other opens every day.

and most people have problems,

that never go on break


December is when the city goes mad(Accepted)

Horns blare,

Tempers flare,

Passersby stare.


The traffic is mad in town today.

Everyone’s going somewhere,

Even if their lives are going nowhere.

Especially if their lives are going nowhere.

Horns blare,

Tempers flare,

We’re in a hurry to go nowhere.

Aside writing short stories and poetry, Fui Can-Tamakloe enjoys a
number of things which include teaching Literature part time, running
his mouth on Twitter, and a cold beer at questionable times of the day.