Poetry by Aeesha Abdullahi Alhaji

winds howled—pulling hearts from southern caves of prodigals/search for rejuvenations.

a therapy conjures past memories to repair broken frames—of sacred faces,

a boon eternal on african maps, crimson as blue orbs in earth,

searching home(sick) souls, in lights aligning our dusky temples.




a home to the cradle of ubuntu,
the pot cooking morsels of immortality,
our proud chins—an atlas to find us,
amidst dungarees of colours & races,
a oath of red runs in our temples,
an undried inkling linking us forever,
beyond borders, we’re close to home
the home imprinted on our soft bodies

Aeesha Abdullahi Alhaji a poet and essayist, a shortlisted poet for the Wakaso poetry prize. Her works can be found on Daily Reality, Blue Minaret Journal, Rio Grande Review, The Open Collective Magazine, Synchronized Chaos, Williewash Press, and Last Leaves Magazine. She is a member of the prestigious Hilltop Creative Art Foundation and Minna Literary Society.